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Welcome to the World Below, where the keepers command the sky, but the commander of the keepers controls the empire...

For centuries, the four kingdoms of the Caspian empire have remained safe and hidden below the ocean, protected from the Surface World—and from that ocean that separates them—by a great barrier maintained by magic. Aven Talavir has spent her entire life training to be a keeper of that barrier, channeling her powers into maintaining and healing it.

But now an impossibly sinister force seeks to shatter it.

To stop the looming flood of destruction, Aven picks up her knives and sets off on a quest to find an ancient power that may be able to permanently heal the makeshift sky. Reaching it will mean fighting her way through dangerous politics and deadly magic, all while finding love and friendship in unexpected places—

Only to realize that the greatest treachery may not lie in the breaking sky, but in the very hearts of the people around her.

The perfect next read for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Tamora Pierce, and Megan Whalen Turner. If you enjoy strong female leads, slow-burn romance, feisty mythical creatures, and unique magic systems, grab the first book of this trilogy today!
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